About Us


SJA Travel and Tours was founded in the year 2012 by Anthony Alfonso. It first started as a business that offers vehicle rentals. But because of the great service that the clients receive, they have become regular and loyal patriots that until now, supports SJA. The idea of the business evolving into a travel and tours, came from the clients themselves. The company name grew because the customers helped by spreading the word out.


It first started out as a business for vehicle rentals and grew because of the help of our clients through their commendations and referrals. It got known so quick by word of mouth and expanded in two years time.

The dedication and passion is our key elements to push and continue our services, giving our guests the satisfaction is our accomplishment. The experience we had over the years in redefining clients preference and perspective in travelling created a long lasting relationship.

Now SJA has come a long way, We have partnered with Hotels, Resorts that can handle corporate trips, Airline tickets, Vehicle Transfer in the Philippines and Abroad are also available.

We specialized in customized tours based on the guests preference to achieve best travel experience. The SJA Family always take pride to give 100% as we take our guests on a trip to different places.


1.) Provide High Quality and Affordable traveling experience.

2.) Build and Develop long-term relationships with clients.
3.) Attend and Adjust as soon as possible to the needs of our clients.
4.) Achieve complete
customer satisfaction.
5.) Upgrade and Innovate our services as we hear out our feedbacks from you.
6.) Maintain professional relationships with our loyal and patronizing co-travelers.


The SJA Travel and Tours alphabet:
A-ccomodate with the needs of our clients to have a much better traveling experience.
E-xpect that your whole trip would be memorable and exciting! Truly cherishable moments are to be created.
I-nspire our clients to travel more with us and see what you are missing out! Do not be afraid to explore new places!
O-blige to the company’s protocol so that our journey will not only be memorable but also safe.
U-nforgettable activities are awaiting to be experienced by you!

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